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In Ancient Polynesia Tui Manu'a Chiefs & other Samoan Chiefs stretched Samoan rule and influence across the pacific to islands such as Tonga, Niuafo'ou, Niuatoputapu, Tafahi, Niue, The Marquesas, Rotuma, the Cook Islands, Uvea, Futuna, Tokelau, Rurutu, Hawaii, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Tikopia, Pukapuka, Nukuoro, Kapingamarangi, Nukumanu, Sikaina etc.......


1) The Samoan Matai System becomes apart of the Tongan Culture

2) Samoan Taualuga becomes apart of the Tongan Culture

3) Samoan Otuhaka becomes apart of the Tongan Culture

4) Samoan Ma'ulu'ulu becomes apart of the Tongan Culture

5) Samoan Ula becomes apart of Tongan Culture

6) The Samoan Chiefly Dialect becomes apart of the the Tongan Royal Families Dialect.

7) The Metupaki was adopted from Uvea but Tongans originally chanted in the Samoan language while doing the metupaki but nowadays the Chant is a mixture of both Samoan & Tongan.

8) Manu'a Houses of Eastern Samoa were Anciently built throughout Tonga called Fale Faka Manuka.

9) Niuafo'ou, Niuatoputapu, Tafahi & Uvea all have Samoan mixed in there language.

10) Anciently Samoa had full control over the Tongan Islands known as Niuafo'ou, Niuatoputapu & Tafahi. 

Tonga later freed herself from Samoa and later gained power in Polynesia starting with the 10th Tui Tonga Momo.


Over time and space, Tongan society became more settled, shaped strictly by both internal pressure and external influences. The external influences came in the form of imperial activities beginning with the Tu’i Pulotu empire in Fiji and followed by the Tu’i Manu’a empire in Samoa. In other words, Tonga was under considerable influence from the imperialism of both Fiji and Samoa.

However, Tonga was able to free herself through bitter and bloody wars from the imperial domination of the Tu’i Manu’a -- which eventually led to the formation of the Tu’i Tonga empire around AD 950 in the person of ‘Aho’eitu, the first Tu’i Tonga -- whose father was a deified Samoan high chief, Tangaloa ‘Eitumâtupu’a, and mother a
Tongan woman, Va’epopua, of great noble birth. This double origin entitled the Tu’i Tonga to hold both divine and secular offices. In principle, the close cultural and historical interlinkages between Fiji, Samoa and Tonga were essentially elitist, involving the intermarriage between regional aristocratic families.


Hawaiian King David Kalakaua's List Of Hawaiian Kings:

Pilikaeae ..........From SAMOA ( with PA'AO ).....1095 to 1120 AD.
Kukohau ..........1120 to 1145
Kaniuhi ..........145 to 1170
Kanipahu ..........1170 to 1195
Kalapana (including the usurpation of Kamaiole)........1195 to 1220
Kahaimoelea ..........1220 to 1260
Kalaunuiohua ..........1260 to 1300
Kuaiwa ..........1300 to 1340
Kahoukapu ..........1340 to 1380
Kauholanuimahu ..........1380 to 1415
Kiha ..........1415 to 1455
Liloa ..........1455 to 1485
Hakau ..........1485 to 1490
Umi ..........1490 to 1525
Kealiiokaloa ..........1525 to 1535
Keawenui ..........1535 to 1565
Kaikilani and Lonoikamakahiki ..........1565 to 1595
Keakealanikane ..........1595 to 1625
Keakamahana ..........1625 to 1655
Keakealaniwahine ..........1655 to 1685
Keawe and sister ..........1685 to 1720
Alapanui ..........1720 to 1754
Kalaniopuu ..........1754 to 1782
Kamehameha I ..........1782 to 1819
Kamehameha II -- Liholiho ..........1819 to 1824
Kaahumanu regency ..........1824 to 1833
Kamehameha III - Kauikeaouli ..........1833 to 1854
Kamehameha IV ..........1854 to 1863
Kamehameha V.- Lot ..........1863 to 1872
Lunalilo ..........1872 to 1873
Kalakaua ..........1874 to ---

Pili & Paao of Samoa ruled Hawaii and also took new Religions to Hawaii.


Tui Manu'a Alia Matua left Manu'a with his followers due to a dispute between him and his brother Tui Manu'a Alia Tama. Tui Manu'a Alia Matua was known in the Cook Islands as a Great Warrior the Cook Islanders called him KARIKA. He sailed the ocean in a Samoan Alia (War Canoe) called Vaafasifolau which means canoe for slaughtering voyages. He and his crew landed in RaroTonga and ruled RaroTonga.

The Makea Karika Kings of the Cook Islands descended from Karika of Samoa. The famous Canoe of the Cook Islands called Te Au O Tonga is named after the district Karika Ruled.


Traditional KIRIBATI legend tells of the spirits moving from Samoa to the Gilbert Islands. The spirits became half human and half spirit, and then a long
time later changed into human beings. Many people in Kiribati believe
their ancestors to be spirits, some from Samoa, and some from the

Within these islands a Micronesia culture developed (though not called Micronesian until the Europeans later introduced this
name), it was also infused with elements from Polynesian and Melanesian
culture from invasions by neighboring nations such as Samoa, Tonga and
Fiji. The culture was also influenced through inter-marriages between
theses countries, and later mainly from the influence of 'Polynesian'


After being settled came under the influence and rule of SAMOA


Tafahi Tonga people claim their island was created by a Samoan Demon who
dropped a Niua mountain half way back to SAMOA.


Tokelau was populated for around 1000 years, with traditional tales linking there Ancient Polynesian Ancestors with Samoa,
the Cook Islands and Tuvalu.


Tuvalu claims their earlier ancestors came mostly from Samoa, possibly by way
of Tokelau, while others came from Tonga and Uvea (Wallis Island). These
settlers were all Polynesians with the exception of Nui where many
people are descendants of Micronesians from Kiribati.


Nukuoro claims their original rulers & Ancestors came from SAMOA.


Rotuma Fiji claim a Samoan Chief named Raho came to their islands and sprinkled Savaii soil on Rotuma to claim Rotuma as his island.


Tikopia Anciently was regarded as a colony of Samoa




r u talking facts or myths? theres a different u know? a BIG different.  This is not an official account, try tell it to a primary school kids they might believe u.



Dr.Mahina? Why isnt there a picture of this person? Hmmm maybe cuz this **** is fake..lmao! Ahaha Samoans really try hard....Lol sad....ahaha



I believe you, I am a descendant of the Karika Family in Rarotonga



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Dr Okusitino Mahina - Tongan Scholar

Emani Ilaoa


LMAO hes real🤦🏽‍♂️. Do some research next time.




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Dr Mahina and other Tongan scholars(Semisi Pone,Tu'ula Mo'a and Tevita Oka'ii) who mentioned the imperial activities done by the Pulotu Empire from Fiji and the Manua Empire from Samoa or their existence are right or correct.They(scholars)are Tongans.

But even an English scholar called Frank Joseph mentioned on one or two of his subtitles  under the heading of his ebook called "The Lost civilization of Lemuria --The world's oldest civilization", that the Malaysians and Papua New Guineans knows of a powerful headhunting kingdom from the east, where the sunrises and sets who ruled the Pacific Islands for nearly five milleniums from the earliest BC decades to 800yrs AD..Known by other Melanesian region like the Kanaka New Caledonians, Solomons and Vanuatu as the Burotu Empire from Fiji.They ruled from a magnetic stone city on the Davetalevu reef of Moturiki island,Fiji.. During the rose of sea-level in the 8th century AD they could not afford to raise up the structure of their village stone fences on a higher level,but to collapse them.And transported those stones on a double hulled canoe boat with the help of a flying dragon or serpent to a Micronesian island called west Katau(Kosrae-island of the sleeping lady with the same etymology as Biblical Eve island)... Several attempts to lay those stones on West Katau reef were unsuccessful,so they moved to Pohnpei reef,where they tried again and were successful..And it stands there until today which is now known as Nan Madol the only magnetic stone city in the world to sit on a reef for centuries..


Some other white scholars like Mary Sutherland, Rebecca Campbell and a guy who posted the Tamana civilization already mentioned an advanced civilization before the Summerians, Babylonians Persians, Greeks, Egyptians and Romans were the Lemurians from the Pacific Islands.But their problem is they don't have our verbal history on how we were settled from the blood clot infant rescued from the pre-flood kingdom.And they defined the builders of the Egyptian nd worlds Pyramids, UK stone henge, Australian standing stones,Narara-Fijian standing stones,France standing stones, Mapulanga standing stones of South Africa, Israel's Canaan Refaim pile of stones built in gigantic concentric circles,Eye of Sahara built in gigantic concentric circles,Russian pile of stones built in gigantic concentric circles,Moai statues of Rapanui, Taputapuatea marae of Raiatea in Tahiti,Big standing stones of Tonga,Nan Madol magnetic maritime stone city,world's petroglyph encryptions,rock carvings, ancient Mayan cities of America..etc as Lemurians from the pre-flood civilization.But they don't know that they were actually from the Burotu Empire Fijians/Pacific islanders after the flood who possesed all secrets of magical mana, spiritual powers, wisdoms and knowledges, astronomers, superhuman strengths, mathematicians, tricksters to turn into demigods in order to do certain tasks, builders, construction workers, surgeons,pottery makers..etc.. Even the Fijian name Burotakukula was found in a Hungarian ancient city of Europe and the first Russian dynasty Ruriki(similar dialect for Macuata Fiji when they say Turiki for Moturiki,they will say Ruriki).. Ruriki was Varagi's son,a Danish Viking (Vararagi-Fijian word for warm yourself near a fire).They said that the name Ruriki gave birth to the name Russia..Sia is also a Macuata dialect of Fiji for the word good or vinaka.. Toki was another Vikings last warriors of Norway or Danmark..Which is also villages name of Fiji,Toki in Ovalau(Lomaiviti) and Toki in Ra(north east Viti Levu)..A Common Fijian village name called Nasau is slightly changed to the name Nassau in the Carribbean, Americas and also a Viking royal descendant called Nassau was found on UK's royal family tree which started from Alfred the Great in the 800yrs AD.

So that's the remains of the Burotu Empire from Fiji,they were never defeated but were moved because of the sea level rise in the 800yrs AD..Even their beliefs of an underwater civilization there is called Ha-ivi-ki similar root with the etymology of the Biblical Eve island(yanu2 I Na-Ivi) of west Katau.Which both had Fijian origins from Ratu Mai Bula's garden in Vuni-ivi-levu(Na-ivi-teitei) seafield.There are names still stands on Moturiki island beside Vuniivilevu seafield which commemorated that mysterious account of stone transportation from that Fijian reef to Pohnpei reef Micronesia.They are names like :

NaKorovatu --the stone village, Korobaba --village built with structured fences, Vatulavelavesa -lifted sacred stones, Vatuwaqa Levu nd Vatuwaqa Lailai-big boat loaded with stones and small boat loaded with stones(they referred to the double hulled Drua canoe and the serpent), Delainawaqaibonu --on top of a serpent boat..etc .. Even two big stones still sit on Davetalevu reef, Moturiki Fiji called Bure nd Burei(Bure-i) which means Fijian ancient thatched houses that resembles the aerial drone picture of Nan Madol Micronesia also gives a Bure image or house image..


Nan Madols dynasty was called the Saudeleur (Sau-deleur means lord of deleur)which derived from the Fijian spiritual powers and chiefly title named Sau..The Tongan slightly changed its spelling with the same meaning of their royal title called Hau..While the Nan Madol as Sau(Saudeleur),Sou and Hou to their Yup languages..They also named the serpent as Fiti Pul,who helped them two gigantic brothers transported those stones.


When they collapsed their stone city on Moturiki reef,Fiji then they moved to dry land Moturiki,other parts of Fiji, Pacific Islands and other parts of the world..That gave rise to some of their chiefly kingdoms like the Tui Manua of Samoa,Tui Tonga,other smaller tribal kings of Fiji nd other parts of the world like the Vikings of Europe.

1.As we can see that their ruins in Scandinavia shows signs of spiral images and concentric circles encrypted on stones.Same as ours in Moturiki, other parts of Fiji nd the Pacific Islands identity..2.Their burial styles were similar to our Lapita ancestors,head face sunrises nd feet to the west..3.And they laid stones in shaped of boats on their burials..4. Last but not least is their chiefs/kings dragon/serpent headed boats idea were taken from that real transportation account from the Burotu Empires stronghold of Moturiki reef Fiji to Pohnpei reef Micronesia.On top of that they arrived in Scandinavia nd Europe around that same timeline of 800yrs AD.




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Faafetai lava,I love your explanations

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